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About Us
Having been in the Gozo Farmhouses Rentals business for a good number of years, our company continues to firmly establish itself as the number one choice for luxury farmhouses and villas in Gozo.

Treating our customers as individuals who have diverse requirements, we appreciate your time away is precious and with this always in mind we endeavour to do our best to satisfy all your requirements so that a successful and special holiday is enjoyed by all.
We have Customer Service Staff with a sound knowledge of the products they are offering.  Each year we refine the selection of properties in our portfolio besides adding new, luxury properties.  We at Gozo Farmhouses Rentals have one core objective: to increase the quality level of the properties we have on offer.

Gozo Farmhouses Rentals boast of a diverse range of over 70 properties that have been individually selected for their character, location, interior furnishings and above all for their high standard of quality.  The properties vary from cosy, two bedroom farmhouses/villas to large 7 bedroom traditional farmhouses, all peppered with a pleasant variety of fine architectural features.  These features are designed specifically to ensure that traditional skills and values live on.  Indeed, all the farmhouses are built with authentic local materials.  They display vernacular designs with the use of stone slabs for roofing, supported by arches or wooden beams. 

All properties also offer different layouts, styles and features such as outdoor / indoor swimming pool, outdoor / indoor jacuzzi, large entertaining areas, air-conditioning, fireplace, central heating, views and more.

We make sure the properties offered on our websites are of the highest quality and best value around.  All villas and farmhouses are routinely checked to ensure they satisfy our clients’ requirements.  On your arrival we make sure your check-in goes smoothly by personally accompanying you to the accommodation.  To us it is of the utmost importance you feel at home and welcome.
If you would like any assistance when choosing your holiday property or if you have any other questions about your holiday, please do not hesitate to contact our team of consultants.